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Old Pictures

Here we hope to build a collection of old photographs connected with the Yexley, Yaxley, Yeaxlee families and their lifestyles. if you have a pictures please contact me on


Ron Yexley, 1942 Ronald Yexley

Born 13th April 1927
In St.Leonards Road,
East London.

Living in Doncaster,

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Ted & Queenie
Ted & Queenie Yexley

Edwin Alfred (Ted) 1920
Edwin Alfred Yexley

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Ted The Park Keeper
Ted The Park Keeper

William Henry Yexley William Henry & Ivy Maud Yexley

William Henry and Alice Maud Victoria Yexley, nee Chalk. These photo's were probably taken between 1945 and 1950.

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Charles William Yexley See Biography

Reginald Burnard Yexley

Reginald Burnard Yexley

In Australia Between 1947 & 1969 .Reg was born in 1917 and went to Australia in 1947 and he died there in 1969 at the age of 52. The photo was taken towards the end of the war when he was in his mid-20's.

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William Yaxley in 1901

William Yaxley at Kenninghall, Norfolk in 1901

William Yaxley of 22 years,who married Rosena May Knights on christmas day in 1903 ,raised 4 boys,4 girls.

Picture kindly submitted by Mark Turner.
(Grandson of William)

William Yaxley 1818 to 1887

The late WILLIAM YAXLEY of Forth, was one of the early pioneers of Norfolk Creek, and arrived in the colony by the ship "Southern Eagle", and a great supporter of the Wesleyan Church. William was a local preacher in the old country and also in the colonies. He was born at Norfolk, England, in 1817; and died at Norfolk Creek in 1887. The youngest son, Robert Yaxley, lives at the home-stead, and is a member of the Independent Order of Rechabites. Link