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Biography of Ronald Yexley

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Ron Yexley

My dad, Ronald Yexley.
By Peter Yexley

The early part of dad's life is somewhat hazy and I hope that relatives who were around during his childhood, or indeed knew his dad Robert Yexley (b.1888 d.1953)could help with more information.

Ron was born 13th April 1927 to Robert Yexley and Annie White (nee Barber), the only child to that marriage. Robert was married previously to Harriet Furneux, he served in France during WW1 and lost one arm. Harriet may have been French (given her surname) but this is a guess.

Annie died in 1928 at the age of 35. It could be because of Robert's disability that he could not look after Ron and placed him in care. We do not have further details of when and where.

It is known that at some time before joining the Army, Ron worked for Jobs Dairy. He spent time during service in Palestine, Egypt and other parts of the Middle East, he took to boxing as a sport but is a very placid and gentle person. Either during his Army career or shortly afterwards he met our mum, Joyce Edna Everett and they lived in Doncaster married in Tickhill, giving birth to 9 children, Robert, Rodger, Peter (myself), Carol, Annette, William (Billy), Gale, Elaine and Rosemary. All still live in Doncaster with one exception, myself.

Being a town surrounded by mining villages, Ron avoided working down the pits by becoming a Mortuary attendent, he thought it was a better option. So he joined Doncaster Royal Infirmary and embarked upon a career that would eventually make him a senior consultant to operating theatre technicians.

Unfortunately Dad has mental health problems now and is a shadow of his former self. Our parents divorced in the early seventies, leaving dad to care for all nine of us. I am sure that because he spent his childhood in a home with no real family, he would not see his children being split. Despite being on call - sometimes 24 hours and not having one day off sick during his career, he truly cared for all nine of us.

I am robert-eldest son to Ron -Peter is right about dad.
all his life he worked & in the later stages he managed to do full time work & make sure we were all looked after & that we looked after each other,we always knew right from wrong - mainly because of dad,& yes - sadly he is a shadow of what he once was & this hurts me to see him like this after the efforts he made all of his life & the sacrifices he made for all of us - it hurts me that his reward for this is memory loss-although - sometimes when I see him he is happy in himself in his own personal world with his own personal memories- I would dearly love to see him as he used to be when I was a child...............



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