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Biography of William Henry Yexley

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William Henry Yexley William Henry & Ivy Maud Yexley

William Henry and Alice Maud Victoria Yexley, nee Chalk. These photo's were probably taken between 1945 and 1950.


My Great Grandfather William Henry Yexley.
By Linda Sanders

William Henry Yexley was born on 2nd November in 1867, he worked as a Wharf Labourer in East London. William was the Eldest son of John W.Yexley and Mary Ann Riley of 5,Queens Street Mile End New Town, London. His first wife was Ellen Cornish and their nine children were;

Ellen Annie,
Jessie Florence,
James William Henry,
John Henry,
William Henry,
Robert Lowe,
George Albert.

Ellen died in December 1912 aged 39 years. Two years later William Henry married Alice Maud Victoria Chalk and ,and four their children were
Arthur D.,
Lilian Maud,
Maud Lilian,
Rosina Margaret.

They lived in Pond Road, West Ham in East London. William Henry died in August 1951 and Alice Maud Victoria died in February 1956. These photo's were probably taken between 1945 and 1950.


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