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Biography of Charles William Yexley

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Charles William Yexley

My grandfather Charles William Yexley.
By Pam Cottle

Born August 26th 1872 at 8, Green Street, Whitechapel near London Hospital, second child of Charles John Yexley and Jane nee Kidd and the grandson of William and Elizabeth Yexley of Cheshunt. He became a seaman.

(Details not known. Cannot trace him in the Royal Navy nor any other records.As they lived near the docks in Ann Street he could have worked on any ship. No sign of him in 1891 census nor on many of the ships in port at the time.)

In 1894 he married Jessie Mary Adelaide Newton and went to live in Fulham. They had eleven children, Daisy, Charles, Ethel, Alice, Edwin, Lillian, Ivy, William, Frank, John and Reginald.

When Charles left the navy he worked on the water chute at the Earls Court Exhibition and was there when Queen Alexander rode on the water chute.( He was supposed to have worked on a tunnel, possibly the Blackwall Tunnel but I am not certain.) Charles worked on various labouring jobs until he was employed to run and look after the miniature railways at the holiday camps at Skegness . In the 1930's he went to Southend and worked on the water chute at the fun fair. When the war began in 1939 he had to leave the area and went to live with his daughter, Alice, in Walworth. He died unexpectedly on October 2nd 1944, age 72.

(Need to check the holiday camp dates - late 20's early 30's?. He could have worked at Clacton as well. He seemed to enjoy these jobs and certainly liked Southend. He wanted his ashes scattered there which we could not do during the war. In 1945 we took a trip to Southend but everything was still closed so the ashes went back home. After my parents died in we found the ashes and I took them to Southend and scattered them in 1995. After that the events that I could not piece together for the family history gradually fell into place.)


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